Branded By Christ, Clothed In Truth!

A clothing brand that puts the message before the material! We are #TrulyBranded.
The brand THROUGHIM includes multiple clothing collections that share the message of the gospel and the heart of Christ.
This clothing aspires to bring; encouragement and a God - confidence to the receiver. This should bring encouragement and a God - confidence to the receiver because of the power, meaning, and message of Jesus Christ that has inspired the clothing. The value and message is coming from and through HIM. 
#TrulyBranded  is serving to share the truth to the brand and all of the pieces within our collections. 
Keep an eye out for the headline #TRULYBRANDED above each collection! It will give you direct access to the meaning and message behind any of the items or pieces created by THROUGHIM
Being TRULY BRANDED represents a statement, that we are not just a brand but we are branded - fully known, recognized, and recognizable to Jesus Christ and to our community of believers!